So far I have not used my writing for advertisement. Even (or especially) when I'm reviewing products, I've never taken free equipment, cash, guest/sponsored content, or anything of that nature. I may link to my own company but that's about it.

Today is different!

But also it's not. I'd like to shine a light :flashlight: on my buddy Rein's blog, not because I'm getting paid to do so, but because I think it's a genuine hidden treasure on the web. Disclaimer: you have to be able to read Dutch! There's a million puns in there that Google Translate will absolutely butcher.

His blog can be found over at, and for almost two years he has not missed a single day to post. I've done a 30-day challenge, with help, and it nearly killed me, so I marvel at this level of creative output. And creative it is. Every day there's a silly question (that he invites readers to submit) with a very non-obvious, often absurd, but thoughtful answer. The results are hilarious pieces and exercises in out-of-the-box thinking.

Besides the Q&As, another joy to read are Rein's reviews. For instance, his list of the best things. (yes period.)

If you don't know Dutch, this is as good a reason as any to start learning! :smile: