Today I've moved all of my SVN repositories over to GitHub. 5 private reps and 4 public ones. Two of which you may know: PHP.JS and System_Daemon.

Reasons for **not doing **this earlier:

  • Not wanting to invest time in (new) Version Control Systems at all - I'd rather be coding
  • Didn't think Git's features would make a big difference for me:
  • Small projects, only a handful of commiters
  • Besides SVN, I already had NetBeans' local version control, so I could already mess things up and revert, without bothering the main repo.

Because of this it took me a while to take the plunge. But reasons that made me:

  • Saw some nice git videos during my holidays
  • @felixge has been pushing me for a while :)
  •'s tool-set saves a lot of time and opens new opportunities (Service Hooks, Collaboration, and even Donation)
  • No more need to maintain my own SVN server
  • It's easier for people to fork the projects and submit patches, which should improve the code
  • Once you start moving some stuff over, you'd better move all of it over so you can make use of git submodules instead of having to wire SVN & Git reps together
  • and last but not least: Got fed up with SVN being too delicate and stubborn


If you're involved in anyway with one of my projects, here are the changes.

The good stuff is moving over here, feel free to ask any questions, report problems, and please remember to update your bookmarks (or even your svn:externals if you have them referring to my reps)

This also means my Trac sites are going down in favor of GitHub's source view, issue system & integrated wiki.

Service Hooks

Furthermore I created a @phpjs Twitter account so you can track when new stuff get's added to the PHP.JS GitHub repository and a @system_daemon account for the same reason.

If you don't like Twitter you can obviously also use GitHub's RSS feeds for this: phpjs, system_daemon.