If you are in IT professionally (coding or sysadmin) you will be staring at monospaced fonts for many many hours a day. So it's probably justified to spend 2 minutes picking a very good one. It can make your work (typing ; ) just a little bit more pleasing.

I did some research and the Inconsolata font by Raph Levien is considered one of the best programming fonts by many. I must say it's pretty good on the eyes, but decide for yourself:


You can download it and install it yourself, or:

Install the Font on Ubuntu

As suggested by Gekkio in the comments section:

"If you're using Ubuntu 9.04, there's also a packaged version available in the repos which should setup things perfectly: sudo aptitude install ttf-inconsolata (Requires universe repos to be enabled)"

Thank you Gekkio!

So just copy-paste that. Your font cache will be refreshed and when you start a new Terminal or IDE, you should be able to select the Inconsolata font.

NetBeans Anyone?

NetBeans didn't seem to support the Inconsolata font but as suggested by Filip Juki in the comments section:

"It seems that NetBeans doesn't support OTF fonts. You might try converting it to TTF using FontForge, I decided it wasn't worth the hassle."

So I decided to do just that and I now have Inconsolata in My new IDE: NetBeans.

Download the TTF Version

If you need the TTF version for NetBeans (or another IDE that doesn't support OTF), download it here.

Install the TTF Version (Ubuntu Only)

If you have Ubunbtu you can paste the following in a terminal:

[ "$(whoami)" = "root" ] && echo "No this time you really can't be root ; )" && exit 1
sudo echo "Installing inconsolata font..."
mkdir -p "~/.fonts/"
cd ~/.fonts/
wget https://kvz.io/assets/images/posts/Inconsolata.ttf
sudo echo "Refreshing cache..."
sudo fc-cache -f -v
sudo echo "Done."


What is your favorite coding / sysadmin font?