At our company we have a lot of uses for a solid API. We can use it to distribute config files, have servers report in, let customers edit DNS records using their own interface, etc.

Now that I'm converting all of our legacy code to a big CakePHP application, the API needed a revisit as well. I chose to use REST as a standard, read about everything related to Cake & REST, and started hacking on a reusable plugin. The idea is that you can drop it in any application and unlock existing functionality to REST with minimal changes to your code.

It is still a work in progress, but as the first Dutch CakePHP event was held yesterday and I was asked to present something I thought this particular plugin might be of interest to the community. Here are the slides:

View on slideshare

And here's the source & documentation on github

I would love some feedback to help it make better. My todos can be found in the slides as well, to give you an idea where I'm heading with this.

More Info on the Dutch CakePHP Event