When I started this techblog in 2007 and got my first 500 real visitors, I was in the clouds. If you told me then I'd hit the 5,000,000 visitor milestone 3 years later, I would have probably slapped some sense into you.

Not in my wildest dreams did I imagine my little side-project would take off like this.

Yet here we are.

To celebrate I wanted to give a prize to the exact 5th million visitor, but all I know is that he/she is from Switzerland (the visit came via google.ch). So instead I'll give free beer of choice to the first person from Switzerland to leave a comment.

To all other nations & visitors: 1 Free beer for the best Swiss imitation. But more importantly, a big thanks to you for taking the time to give so much feedback and help me improve my writing and understanding of the topics I share about.

I've learned a lot from you guys and it's humbling to be surrounded by so many bright people. I really hope to keep writing at least 1 article a month for as long as I can type. And I hope that you will keep voicing your opinions & improvements. Thanks everyone.

Update: The beer was handed out to a Swiss CakePHP coder on CakeFest (2011 in Manchester?), with Marc Ypes as my witness :smile: