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Loosely Typed Code Deserves Triple Equality

1 minute read

In loosely typed languages such as JavaScript or PHP, using == to compare values is bad practice because it doesn't account for type, hence false == 0 == '' ...

Scrape All Text From a Domain

1 minute read

Here are some commands to download the most important pages of your site as plain text (determined by MAX_DEPTH), and save it into one big <DOMAIN>.txt...

Migrate Redis Keys Without RDB Files

1 minute read

Recently we moved the Transloadit status page from an unmanaged EC2 instance to the Nodejitsu platform. We kept status uptime history in redis, and obviously...

Let's Make DNS Outage Suck Less

2 minute read

Unfortunately the Linux DNS resolver has no direct support for detecting and doing failovers for DNS servers. It keeps feeding requests to your primary resol...