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Survive Heavy Traffic With Your Webserver

7 minute read

Recently two of my articles reached the Digg frontpage at the same day. My web server isn't state of the art and it had to handle gigantic amounts of traffic...

Speedup Your Website With Cache_Lite

2 minute read

Every time a request hits your server, PHP has to do a lot of processing, all of your code has to be compiled & executed for every single visit. Even tho...

Make ISO Images on Linux

1 minute read

CDs and DVDs don't have the eternal life, so you might want to back them up as ISO images. All the files and properties of the original disc, stored in a sin...

Schedule Tasks on Linux Using Crontab

4 minute read

If you've got a website that's heavy on your web server, you might want to run some processes like generating thumbnails or enriching data in the background....

Schedule Automatic Updates on Ubuntu

2 minute read

Making sure your system is up to date is a key attribute to it's security. Furthermore Ubuntu releases updates pretty often and you probably don't want to mi...