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Fit More on One Screen Using DPI

1 minute read

A couple of years ago when everyone still had giant CRT monitors, resolutions of 1600x1200 were pretty common. Nowadays however 19" TFT monitors often cannot...

Login Automatically With SSH Keys

2 minute read

With SSH you can securely login to any Linux server and execute commands remotely. You can even use SSH to transfer and synchronize files from one server to ...

Synchronize Files With rsync

3 minute read

Synchronizing files from one server to another is quite awesome. You can use it for backups, for keeping web servers in sync, and much more. It's fast and it...

Delete Files Securely With Shred

1 minute read

Deleting a file or reformatting a disk does not destroy your sensitive data. The data can easily be undeleted. That's a good thing if you accidentally throw ...

Restore Packages Using dselect-upgrade

2 minute read

It's always a good idea to backup important data. Your files and settings can easily be archived. But how can you backup & restore all applications that ...