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PHP: tiff2pdf

4 minute read

Or: How to convert multipage TIFF to PDF in PHP.

Disable Snapping Windows in Compiz-Fusion

less than 1 minute read

Running compiz-fusion for some time, one thing started to annoy me. Snapping windows. The first thing I obviously looked for was the Snapping Windows Plugin....

Convert Anything to Tree Structures in PHP

6 minute read

I recently faced a programming challenge that almost broke my brain. I needed to create a function that could explode any single-dimensional array into a ful...

Fit More on One Screen Using DPI

1 minute read

A couple of years ago when everyone still had giant CRT monitors, resolutions of 1600x1200 were pretty common. Nowadays however 19" TFT monitors often cannot...

Login Automatically With SSH Keys

2 minute read

With SSH you can securely login to any Linux server and execute commands remotely. You can even use SSH to transfer and synchronize files from one server to ...