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Allow Windows Users to Restart Service

2 minute read

Let's say you want your local restricted users to be able to restart specific services. On linux you'd probably type visudo. In Windows I found, you have to ...

Class 'Imagick' Not Found

less than 1 minute read

I tried to do some Image Magick with PHP recently on an Ubuntu Feisty machine, and even though I had the required package: 'php5-imagick' installed, and I up...

PHP: tiff2pdf

4 minute read

Or: How to convert multipage TIFF to PDF in PHP.

Disable Snapping Windows in Compiz-Fusion

less than 1 minute read

Running compiz-fusion for some time, one thing started to annoy me. Snapping windows. The first thing I obviously looked for was the Snapping Windows Plugin....

Convert Anything to Tree Structures in PHP

6 minute read

I recently faced a programming challenge that almost broke my brain. I needed to create a function that could explode any single-dimensional array into a ful...