Revisiting Spaces and Tabs

5 minute read

This article in 50 words: I used to prefer spaces vs tabs, now I don't care so much, think it's more important that you can easily switch on a per-project ba...

Sync Vim Config Across Workspaces

1 minute read

As a Vim newbie, I'd like my Vim plugins & configuration to stay in sync between machines at home, office, my servers & a laptop.

Learning Vim

3 minute read

In an attempt to familiarize myself with the unfamiliar, I decided to build a fun side-project in Ruby and Vim. Effectively learning a new language, framewor...

Change the Default Editor

less than 1 minute read

Ever wanted to change the crontab of a server, but got an editor on screen that you're totally unfamiliar with? There are a lot of causes for this annoyance,...