Fixing Heartbleed

2 minute read

Four days ago the news about the Heartbleed got every sysadmin's attention. Renowned security expert Bruce Schneier writes:

File Uploading Without a Server

2 minute read

More and more sites are written in flat HTML. Hosted on GitHub pages, S3, etc. The advantages are clear: ridiculously low to no hosting costs, it can hardly ...

HAProxy Logging in Ubuntu Lucid

2 minute read

At Transloadit we use HAProxy "The Reliable, High Performance TCP/HTTP Load Balancer" so that we can offer different services on 1 port.

Run Node.js as a Service on Ubuntu

3 minute read

The core of our new project runs on Node.js. With Node you can write very fast JavaScript programs serverside. It's pretty easy to install Node, code your pr...