Fixing Heartbleed

2 minute read

Four days ago the news about the Heartbleed got every sysadmin's attention. Renowned security expert Bruce Schneier writes:

Too Many Authentication Failures for Root

1 minute read

I recently had an annoying encounter with the error message: Too many authentication failures for root. I found out this can be caused because you've hoarded...

Access MySQL Without Password

less than 1 minute read

If you want to do command-line MySQL administration like restoring databases or dumping statistics, you need the root account and it's password. Or do you?

Determine SID of Windows User

less than 1 minute read

Sometimes when digging real deep into Windows like I recently had to, you need to have the Windows SID (Security Identifier) of a local user. I wasn't able t...

Allow Windows Users to Restart Service

2 minute read

Let's say you want your local restricted users to be able to restart specific services. On linux you'd probably type visudo. In Windows I found, you have to ...

Delete Files Securely With Shred

1 minute read

Deleting a file or reformatting a disk does not destroy your sensitive data. The data can easily be undeleted. That's a good thing if you accidentally throw ...

Schedule Automatic Updates on Ubuntu

2 minute read

Making sure your system is up to date is a key attribute to it's security. Furthermore Ubuntu releases updates pretty often and you probably don't want to mi...

Block Brute Force Attacks With Iptables

5 minute read

Since 2005 there has been an immense increase in brute force SSH attacks and though Linux is pretty secure by default, it does not stop evil programs from in...