The Universal Makefile for JavaScript

8 minute read

TL;DR The world is moving from Gulp and Grunt towards npm scripts. This seems like a place we could stay for a long time. But there's one shortcoming with...

Introducing Airbud

3 minute read

Retrieving stuff from the web is unreliable. Airbud adds retries for production, and fixture support for test.

Introducing Ratestate

3 minute read

Ratestate is a ratelimiter in the form of a Node.js module that can transmit states of different entities while avoiding transmitting the same state twice, a...

Introducing Environmental

6 minute read

Some people feel that shipping .json / .yml / .xml config files is an upgrade over using archaic environment variables.

Highlevel Testing With CasperJS

5 minute read

If you've written a webapp and you want to ensure that critical parts such as the signup process stay working, the best would be to have an actual user go th...

Revisiting Spaces and Tabs

5 minute read

This article in 50 words: I used to prefer spaces vs tabs, now I don't care so much, think it's more important that you can easily switch on a per-project ba...

HAProxy Logging in Ubuntu Lucid

2 minute read

At Transloadit we use HAProxy "The Reliable, High Performance TCP/HTTP Load Balancer" so that we can offer different services on 1 port.

Run Node.js as a Service on Ubuntu

3 minute read

The core of our new project runs on Node.js. With Node you can write very fast JavaScript programs serverside. It's pretty easy to install Node, code your pr...