Revisiting Spaces and Tabs

5 minute read

This article in 50 words: I used to prefer spaces vs tabs, now I don't care so much, think it's more important that you can easily switch on a per-project ba...

Sync Vim Config Across Workspaces

1 minute read

As a Vim newbie, I'd like my Vim plugins & configuration to stay in sync between machines at home, office, my servers & a laptop.

Learning Vim

3 minute read

In an attempt to familiarize myself with the unfamiliar, I decided to build a fun side-project in Ruby and Vim. Effectively learning a new language, framewor...

Install the Best Coding Font

1 minute read

If you are in IT professionally (coding or sysadmin) you will be staring at monospaced fonts for many many hours a day. So it's probably justified to spend 2...

My New IDE: NetBeans

4 minute read

Writing code requires two important things: creativity & discipline. The creativity to create the unknown, unexplored, exciting parts of software. And th...


1 minute read

One error that has bugged my Eclipse PDT for a long time, was _org.eclipse.emf.ecore.util.EcoreEMap $DelegateEObjectContainmentEList. _A vague error, not muc...

Rescuing my Messed Up Eclipse

1 minute read

Hi folks. As you may or may not know, I have a love/hate relationship with my IDE: Eclipse PDT. For times and times we get along well. But once every while i...

How Virtualization Will Improve Your Code

11 minute read

Good testing will result in better code. If you have to wait endlessly for on SVN commits, uploads or compile steps, you will simply produce less inventive c...

PEAR Coding Standards Changed!

3 minute read

In another article I've told you about how I would like to see one rule removed from the PEAR Coding Standards. This rule would allow developers a bit more f...

Virtualization Compared

1 minute read

Recently I've been experimenting with Virtual machines for my development environment. The goal was to create a Virtual Machine that resembles our main produ...

PEAR Coding Standards Change?

3 minute read

Since a couple of months now, I've been involved with PEAR as a contributor. Contributing to PEAR means adhering to the PEAR Coding Standards. Their standard...

My New IDE: Eclipse PDT

3 minute read

I've been programming a lot with Quanta which is a leightweight kdevelop based IDE. It did the trick for quite some time, but recent developments in my codin...