Migrate Redis Keys Without RDB Files

1 minute read

Recently we moved the Transloadit status page from an unmanaged EC2 instance to the Nodejitsu platform. We kept status uptime history in redis, and obviously...

Convert All Tables to InnoDB

2 minute read

Some time ago I was in the situation where I was looking at 200 MyISAM tables screaming to get converted to InnoDB for performance reasons. You probably know...

Redis PHP Introduction

4 minute read

Don't know Redis? Think Memcache, with support for for lists, and disk-based storage. You can use Redis as a database, queue, cache server or all of those c...

Access MySQL Without Password

less than 1 minute read

If you want to do command-line MySQL administration like restoring databases or dumping statistics, you need the root account and it's password. Or do you?

Improve MySQL Insert Performance

11 minute read

Sometimes MySQL needs to work hard. I've been working on an import script that fires a lot of INSERTs. Normally our database server handles 1,000 inserts / s...

SQL Formatting

4 minute read

With all the abstraction layers between code & database, the need for writing SQL statements deminishes. But over the years I've developed my own way of ...

How Virtualization Will Improve Your Code

11 minute read

Good testing will result in better code. If you have to wait endlessly for on SVN commits, uploads or compile steps, you will simply produce less inventive c...